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I checked in to the Sleep Inn in Harrisburg because it was newer and it had a better room for the price of a regular room (150 + tax).

My husband came with me to check in and left for his 4 hr drive home.

2 hrs and 3 times that the staff just opened the door to check on me, no knocking or requesting to come in, I get a rude phone call from the front desk. Apparently the body wash and candle smell were offensive to housekeeping. The manager was SO SO rude! I'm a 34-year-old prof. woman, I was in town for biz. NO car, noone in the area that I knew. I quietly apologized to keep the peace and hung up.

2 min. later, she calls back and tells me that she's keeping the money and throwing me out...right now!

I was astonished! Alone, now way to get my luggage around. I had to repack my belongings.

I just hope that this msg reaches any and everyone before they end up stranded and walking along the highway dragging their luggage, hoping not to get run over!

The Sleep Inn does everything but actually let you sleep!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sleep Inn Hotels Room.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I unfortunately stayed at a sleep inn a couple nights ago. Driving across the country with my kids and at 10 pm checked in.

I signed a receipt with the price of $68(very run down, except the lobby).

Check out receipt was $76. My bank says the charged me $86...THIEVES..


Burn candles in a hotel ?!?! Nothing would make me sleep more peacefully at nite than know the crazy woman in the next room is burning scented candles. Kudos to this hotel for doing the right thing and getting your butt out of there before you torched the place.


In response, I had work to do that day and the next, so to call my husband to drive 2 hrs. back to drive me to one of the 5 hotels that are just down the road?

The reason that I left without demanding the refund or calling the authorities is that it was of course on a cc...which I'm still disputing.

2. I travel often. I locked the bottom lock. Typically, I don't lock the deadbolt until I'm in bed. I'm gold/platinum super-member with Choice hotels and Priority. I'm an excellent guest. I have many other stays to prove it.

3. I did plan on getting a cab around. Just not in that manner. I never, EVER have been belligerently told..not just asked...or even asked, for that matter to leave any establishment.

Why so sceptical? What have you done?


i am a firm beliver in getting what you paid for, you paid for a room you should have got that room for the amount of time agread on. if not then you should have been refunded the money.

i myself would not have left untill my stay was up or i got a refund. i probaly would have ended up with a free night or two because of the housekeeping barging in.

i would have demanded a refund. i also would have called the law if it got to that point they for sure would not have made me walk when i paid for a room.

sounds pretty fishy to me. I think this is bogus or leaving out some important details. :x

The body wash thing sounded ***, but were you burning candles? You shouldn't do that in a hotel anyway. Other than that, I completely agree with what "Qestions" Said.


Ok, question 1: If you husband was there but left to drive home (and you weren't there long enough to spend the night), why didn't you call him to come back and get you? I get it that he was 2 hours away by this time, but surely your dear husband wouldn't want you to be stranded like you indicate.

Question 2: Why didn't you secure the locks. Housekeeping can't get through the bolted lock. They can't barge in if you secure your door.

Question 3 (2 part): If you were at a Sleep In, out of town with no car, how did you expect to get around? If a cab is the answer, then why not call one and go to another hotel if you were kicked out?

I agree, Sleep Inn does not have Five Star accomodations but you should be able to spend a night without any incident as long as YOU aren't causing any problem.

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