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I have recently been informed that Choice Hotels brand Sleep Inn, is employing convicted felons, and especially grand larceny convicts to work cleaning their rooms while on work release from jail. I have family who visit me from out of town and "were" staying at the local Sleep Inn Hotel.

It was a shock to say the least, when we found out that convicts from the local regional jail had access to their rooms and belongings, while they were away. Could anyone tell me why, in our current economy, Choice Hotels International, would not hire local unemployed persons, who have not committed crimes, to fill their available positions.

I think this is a matter for everyone to consider before booking rooms with them. Pass this on to all the consumer advocacy groups you know of.

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I'm going to make a few guesses here just from the OPs comment. They are female and white.

They are coddled and pampered. And the OP has used her purse to steal small items mainly makeup. I'm also betting that the OP wouldn't survive 48 hours in a lock up situation. Not every felon is a repeat offender.

Not every felon has committed a violent act. People like the OP should have to live the life of the people she has posted about. Maybe if she understood the difficulty a felon has even getting a job she wouldn't be so evil.

I would offer the OP a second chance to be a better person but why should we do for them what they won't do for another. Better that the OP live in her bliss then ever educate herself.


well, I'm a felon. I made mistakes, I'm 22 and I'm looking for employment.

I'm not a violent person, I'm not a theif, nor am I a junkie. I am a person who's made mistakes like everyone else, my consequences were worse, but I am a good man, looking for a productive way to provide for my family. what's wrong with that? besides, most people in actuality have commited some time of felonious act, just hadn't been caught.

not to mention that you can be charged with a felony for some pretty petty *** these day.

I hate pretentious, superficial people who think their *** doesn't stink. God forbid anyone tries to be a productive member of society and pushes to better themselves.

Monticello, Utah, United States #1177254

If so called responsible people need jobs they would be working! And Choice hotels dose not have a protocol in that area,becouse it is a franchise, and it's up to the owners not Choice

Monticello, Utah, United States #1177252

So a felon is a bad person? So felons should go hungry? Big deal, we all sin, every one, some a little more then others, but we ALL sin,Im prod of them to hire felons because I would rather have them working, then on the streets, at least we know were they are!


That's all ***! Some people deserve second chances.

What's wrong you folks? There are human beings out here that are not "habitual" so-called "criminals" it's people like you that makes it hard for people that made a mistake, payed their debts and are trying their best to leave their past in the past so the can provide for their families and theirselves.


They still have to follow Choice Hotels franchise protocol. Therefore, Choice Hotels is responsible for the actions of each chain.


All their hotels are franchised. Choice Hotels has nothing to do with it.


The point is not theft, but allowing law abiding citizens the first chance at these jobs. I think criminals should do their time, and then be in the same job market as the rest of us.


Was anything stolen? I assume the answer is "NO" since it is absent from the complaint.

Would you have these convicted felons denied employment into perpetuity? I'll assume the answer is "Yes" given the subject matter and tone of the complaint.

I'm tired of histrionics complaining about non-crimes and non-events. Quit taking up space, public and otherwise, better utilized by legitimate concerns.

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